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Looking for a tutor? The LSC has your back

There’s no shame in needing a little help, and the Learning Support Centre (LSC), at Mohawk College provides just that. College classes can be overwhelming but with the proper support, a lot of stress can be reduced. The LSC is located in room C122 and  offers free services such as peer tutoring, study sessions, writing support, workshops and more.

Poster card showing a group of students studying
The LSC is available for in-person services once again.

Tina Brajic, program leader at the LSC, explained what she and her team are all about.

“The Learning Support Centre has all of the pre-academic peer tutoring supports for students,” Brajic said. “We offer a wide range of workshops, peer tutoring appointments and drop-ins so you can get help with primarily your first year of courses.”

“We also have lots of conversation clubs if you want to practice your English, we have study skills, writing (support), course content, and math tutoring so please come and see us,” she continued.

The student leaders at the centre are driven toward student success, with both virtual and in-person tutoring sessions available to meet any student’s needs. Students with a GPA of 80 per cent or higher can apply to become a student leader. Writing tutor Kelly Marais explained what it’s like to help her fellow students.

Computer screen showing LSC website
Students can walk-in or sign up online for tutoring sessions.

“I just find it really helpful to be able to communicate with other students and it’s also just really rewarding to be able to help people who come in and need the extra help,” she said.

Students can sign up for LSC services and events from Sept. 19 to Dec. 9 in person or online through their virtual portal for all of your studying needs.



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