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Lions Club members gather for Info Fair about outdoor winter opportunities

Last week the Halton Outdoor Club (HOC) hosted its semi-annual Fall Info Fair event at the Burlington Lions Club. The event showcases what outdoor opportunities are available to the community in the winter months.

Attendees gathered together in the main recreation hall.
The hall was tightly packed with patrons and was filled with the sound of chattering voices. Organizers said attendance was higher than anticipated.

Vendors from the HOC and other winter sports organizers set up in the recreation hall with stations that attendees could visit and learn more from club members and spokespeople.

Cycling, hiking, skiing, kayaking, and snowshoeing were just some of the activities being advertised.

Taylor Albany is a program director for Highlands Nordic Ski Facility. The company organizes bus trips that take club members to the facilities as a group and offers discounted rates.

“We are just working with the Halton Outdoor Club,” Albany said. “And we provide services to the public as well as specialty groups. But we do field trips. We’re kind of a standing ski resort. And then we just have a relationship with multiple ski clubs around the province.”

Maureen Healey, the president of the HOC, explained the purpose of the fair.

A three-tiered information board showing all the winter sports available at the Halton Outdoor Club.
The Halton Outdoor Club hosts winter and summer sport events, and this Fall Info Fair was specifically designed to get the word out about their winter agenda.

“Twice a year we do an info fair,” Healey said. “Part of it is twofold. One, to get our members to come out and think about doing another sport, because many of our members do multiple sports. So they might cycle in the summer, but now they want to do cross country skiing in the winter.”

“So, they’ll come out and learn about cross country skiing, and it helps them stay engaged with the club,” she continued. “It’s also a recruitment drive for membership, so people who don’t know anything about the club can come and learn about all the sports we offer”

The HOC has over 600 members and registration costs $75 a year.


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