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Combatting Islamophobia in our communities

Canada prides itself on being one of the most culturally diverse nations, a true melting pot of various backgrounds and traditions. With an ever-increasing immigrant population, the country is well known for its inclusivity. However, it is important to acknowledge the issue of prejudice, which can manifest in forms such as stereotypes, violence, and hatred.

One community that grapples with this fear on a daily basis is Canadian Muslims, particularly those who visibly express their faith, such as women who choose to wear head coverings. Recent incidents of Islamophobia-based violence in Canada have sent fear throughout the community, prompting many to question their safety and security.

Ontario recently witnessed a horrifying incident where a truck driver in London targeted and killed four family members, because of their faith. This shocking event further highlights the urgency of addressing the deeper issue of Islamophobia.

The Ontario government, realizing some citizens feel uneasy and unsafe, took a step earlier this year by announcing plans to add an anti-hate public education campaign in the city of London’s school system.

While these initiatives helped Muslims in Ontario, recent events have reminded Canadians that there is still a burning issue among us.

 The case of MP Mohammad Yasin is a reminder that discrimination persists. Media reports relate an alarming incident where Yasin was prevented from boarding an Air Canada flight simply due to his first name.

The government, as well as each of us, must work together to build a Canada where all people can feel secure and accepted, regardless of history, colour, and beliefs. We must work together to end prejudice and hate-based violence. If we do, we can create a more peaceful and accepting society for everyone.


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