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How to reduce waste by donating

Thrift shopping, also known as thrifting, can be therapeutic for people who love to shop for less-expensive clothes and good-quality products. Thrifting isn’t only about finding the right clothes, it’s also about looking for decorations for the house or the next book to read.

People browsing at the store
Thrift stores have creative items that can be used for DIY.

Value Village is one of many thrift stores in Hamilton. Inside the store, customers walk up and down from one aisle to the other hoping to find something that piques their interest.

Thrifting isn’t just about saving money, it is about creativity and experimenting with different items available at the store.

“My style of décor is not on the vintage side but has more character to it,” shopper Ashlyn Vickery said. “The things you find at the thrift store are better than a department store and I also do production design and set design for a film so it’s the best spot to get props.”

Thrift stores get donations mainly from people willing to donate used or lightly used items they don’t want anymore. Donations range from clothes, bags, shoes, pillows and socks to household items and art.

Shoppers checking out at the self-checkout section
Donations can be made in store or through the clothing donation box.

Kelsey, a Value Village employee, explained how people donate to the thrift store.

“We get donations from anyone who drops off donations or through Diabetes Canada,” he said. “Multiple Villages have different non-profit partners they work with and in the case of this Village, our non-profit partner is Diabetes Canada. There are also clothing donation bins on the side of the road that get unloaded and items inside are brought to the Village.”

You can make a positive impact on the environment by visiting their website and finding a centre you can donate to.


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