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‘First time’: International Market comes to Mohawk College

Mohawk College hosts students from over 98 countries outside of Canada, creating a diverse and inclusive international community.

According to the college, Mohawk is home to 3,803 international students, with the top seven countries of origin being India, Mexico, Vietnam, the Philippines, Colombia, China, and Nigeria.

In celebration of the international month, the Mohawk Students Association (MSA) organized its inaugural International Market on Nov 15.

Students had the opportunity to set up their own booths at the Arnie. 

 “I spent three hours cooking last night to prepare our traditional dish, the Inihaw Platter,” first-year student Coleen Nalog from the Philippines said. “I also brought our famous milk candies and ironed some traditional clothing.”

Handmade clothing and bags crafted by Filipino artisans.

Furthermore, participants at the event had the chance to take part in a fashion show catwalk, showcasing the traditional costumes representative of their respective countries.

“In Nigeria, we have three major ethnic groups, Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa-Fulani. Each group has its own traditional clothing, but despite our diverse backgrounds, we share a strong sense of unity and love for one another,” international student Roselyn Adeniyo said. “I wanted to highlight this unity because even our flag is composed of green and white, symbolizing peace and prosperity for our nation.

Finally, the MSA distributed stickers to attendees, to be redeemed for snacks and drinks throughout the event.

“It’s the first time we’ve held an event in celebration of International Week, and I was surprised to see that several students wanted to host their own booths,” events coordinator Montana Hunter said.

The MSA is set to host its next international event on Nov 21, focusing on immigration topics such as post-graduate work permits and permanent residency.


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