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Burlington Toycon unites collectors and sellers ahead of similar show in Hamilton

Collectors and vendors gathered at the Burlington Holiday Inn on Nov. 12 to celebrate the Canadian Toycon.

The recreation hall was packed with sellers offering up action figures, cereal boxes, Funko Pops and comic books.

Customers could either pay with cash or trade in other collectibles.

Aaron Newlove, a seller at the event, said the convention was a success.

“It was a turnout of a few hundred people,” Newlove said. “A little bit of buying, lots of trade, people coming up to the booth to trade stuff and all that. There’s lots of comics exchanging hands, and sports cards, lots of Pokémon cards, toys, and retro action figures and stuff like that.”

Collectibles on display.
Around 50 vendors were set up in the recreation hall, with each having a unique array of collectibles.

The vendors extended into the hallway outside the main hall, with tables filled with items to satisfy all kinds of interests and fandoms.

Kelly and Rayanne Jackson, a mother and daughter who run KelRay Kreations, an online store that sells buttons and stickers, shared a booth at the convention.

Kelly said she has been selling toys and figurines since the 90s and introduced her daughter to the business when she got older.

“The buy and sell market, it’s fun. You talk to different people, you find things you like, do shopping yourself,” Kelly said.

Some staff at the hotel also couldn’t help but check out the convention.

Nathan Freytes said he has also dabbled in collecting and was impressed with the items on display.

“They had quite a good array of action figures, quite a bit of collectibles. Very high-demand collectibles. I saw some video games, He-Man figures,” Freytes said.

“Since I’ve had some experience in collecting with other toys and cards, I’ve seen people do trading card collectibles here. It was actually quite a very wide variety of entertainment products,” he continued.

In Hamilton, the Steeltown Sports Card & Collectibles Show takes place at the Copetown Community Centre on November 26 from 9:30 a.m – 3 p.m.


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