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‘Fantastic:’ Punk Rock Flea Market brings The Halloweener to Hamilton

Local artists, chefs, and designers set up at the Punk Rock Flea Market’s Halloweener event this morning (Oct. 15) at The Cotton Factory.

The family-friendly event featured more than 65 vendors in the market hall, several food stands, a themed drag show, live music and spooky ghost stories.

While entry was free, visitors were encouraged to donate what they could to Food4Kids Hamilton when arriving at the event.

The market is valuable to many of Hamilton’s local artists as a way of showing off their works.

Monsterios, short for Monsters of Ontario, combines photography with art to create surreal and beautiful images.

“It’s great because it’s a lot of exposure,” David Thorne, a local artist behind the Monstarios brand, said. “With it being a Halloween theme and my stuff being monster-based, it’s been perfect. It’s all about the imaginary friends and childhood playground stories you’d make up and then grow up and forget about, but it’s grown up with you too.”

“[The event has] been absolutely lovely,” Thorne added. “It’s a great chance to meet other vendors and get familiar with one another and become friends, and you learn about other events similar to this one. It’s fantastic for the community and networking.”

Thorne wasn’t the only vendor who enjoyed the crowds passing by their booth.

“The exposure is fantastic,” Daniel Tremblay said. “They put on a great event and it really helps with getting seen. I’ve been coming here for six years now and I’m excited to take care of all my Christmas shopping in one go.”

Tremblay’s environmentally-conscious booth included beeswax food wraps, tie-died tea towels and a variety of candles.

Guests could sample a variety of sausages including Italian, cheddar bacon, and honey garlic and bourbon.

Besides artwork and artisan goods, local hand-made sausage vendor Smithers Sausages was selling grilled bratwurst and sausages alongside their signature sauces and fermented toppings.

The next Punk Rock Flea Market will be the Christmas-themed Jingle Bell Rock event held on Dec. 17 at The Cotton Factory. And, here are some other Halloween events happening in and around Hamilton.


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