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Downtown Stoney Creek kicks off the fall season with jazz and apples

Jazz and Applefest event sign
The Jazz and Applefest took place on September 16 from 11am-5pm and featured a variety of vendors and live jazz music.

It was far too warm for a sweater in early September at the Jazz and Apple Fest in the Creek.  Chattering of voices and jazzy tunes could be heard throughout the town and into the heart of downtown Stoney Creek.

A horse and carriage ride, led by two beautiful white horses, escorted the visitors around the block, passing the row of artisanal vendors showcasing their goods.

The event took place on King Street East from Elm Avenue to Lake Avenue Drive and included jazz artists spread out on both sides of the road throughout the little town. Bands were jamming

and solo artists were soloing, making a simple afternoon walk more pleasant.

“I love it when they [downtown Stoney Creek] put on events like this, it gets kids and families out of their houses and gives them something to do,” local dad Ethan Tataryn said.

A jazz singer, singing on the side walk
Mahima Music played jazzy tunes at the festival.

The event even had priority parking for

old-school cars and motorcycles, plus prizes for the best classic cars.

“We don’t have a big budget, but we do what we can to put on these events,” Tracy MacKinnon, executive director, of Jazz and Applefest, said.

The vendors included Scentsy handmade soaps, Stoney Creek Historical Society, a cartoonist, and many others. One vendor was showcasing apples, apple cider, and apple pies for those who wanted to fully embrace the festival.

Many of the local shops were vendors at the event as well.

Cupcake Empire, located just a few steps from where the event took place, made sure to make an appearance on the strip to showcase its tasty treats.

“We want to pull in the community with our baked goods, so being out here gives them a piece of what they can get from our store that’s right over there,” owner Sandy Pavao said, as she pointed up the street.

However, not all the eventgoers were happy, at least not with the number of apples for


“I don’t see very many apples,” Adrianna Di Martino, who went to the event specifically to buy apples to make pie, said, “This event is more jazz than apple.”

But most of the attendees were smiling and enjoying themselves throughout the day.

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