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Career exploration fair at Mohawk attracts a crowd of job seekers

There’s a common fear among students as they creep closer to graduation: finding
employment, preferably in their field of study.
Finding a job can feel overwhelming to even the most seasoned applicants, especially now that Canada is experiencing record labour shortages. With so many open positions to choose from, it can be hard to find the right fit.
On Nov. 9, Mohawk College students had the chance to print out their resumes and meet face-to-face with local employers at the second career exploration fair of the year.
The C-Wing atrium in Fennell Campus was packed with students. The College has hosted other job fairs in the past, but this year saw a record turnout – perhaps due in part to rising living costs and record-high levels of inflation.

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This wasn’t the only job fair this semester. A smaller one was held in the same location on Sept. 27.

“I’m here to recruit some potential candidates for our company,” Kevin Crane, a loss
prevention manager at The Investigators Group, said.
Many of the employers had more than one available position, providing multiple opportunities for students to gain some work experience while earning a paycheck.
“I’m happy to be here supporting the community, getting students some great jobs at a great company,” Shannon Murray, a people and culture coordinator at Carmen’s Group, said.
Thirty-eight businesses across various industries attended the fair. From
security and hospitality to childcare, the message was loud and clear: Hamilton is hiring.

A picture on Mohawk's website providing information about the virtual job fair.
This fair was a hybrid event, meaning students could also attend it via video call.

Students who weren’t able to make it to campus could still attend the event virtually. The job fair was a hybrid event, so students could join a video call online and apply for jobs from the comfort of their homes.
Besides the job fair, Mohawk offers multiple different ways for students to find employment.
Job postings for a diverse range of positions are listed on Mohawk’s website. For more
information, visit


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