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Cale Calura: “I was born into a sports family, and I grew up immersed in athletics.”

A native of Hamilton, Mohawk Mountaineers basketball player Cale Calura was born to Filipino parents who instilled strong family values and a passion for basketball in him. Growing up alongside three brothers, Calura affectionately refers to his mother as the queen of their household, recognizing her exceptional nurturing skills.

“She is the only woman in the house, but she has always been the most loving and supportive in my journey as an athlete,” Calura said. “My mother, along with my entire family, has a deep love for sports. Whenever there’s a game, she’s the first person I contact to share how it went.”

Calura’s journey in basketball started in second grade. Embracing the sport from a young age, he actively participated in local basketball.

“I’ve known Cale for a couple of years, and we’ve grown professionally together,” friend and fellow Mountaineer Harpreet Gill said. “We’ve been competing shoulder-to-shoulder, and the basketball court has always been our team’s domain.”

Calura’s love for technology and video games led him to pursue studies in electrical engineering at Mohawk College. His commitment to both academics and basketball is evident as he intends to pursue another program next year while he continues his athletic efforts. Mohawk College holds a special place in Calura’s heart.

“I knew I was going to study here at Mohawk because I have always been in Hamilton, and I never saw myself studying in another city,” Calura said. “I’ll finish my program in April and graduate in June, but I plan to pursue another program related to my current field.”

Beyond the court and classroom, Calura finds joy in spending time with his girlfriend and his family. Basketball remains a significant aspect of their family dynamic, with all his brothers sharing a love for the sport. Calura’s older brother Jayare is a basketball coach at Mohawk College.

“Sports are a significant part of my family because we’re always either at one of my games, one of my brothers’ games, or watching big-league games,” Calura said. “While I tried playing soccer in the past, my true passion lies in basketball.”

Cale Calura playing against Niagara on Jan 24.

Cale Calura embodies dedication, resilience, and family values. In moments of adversity, resilience enables Calura’s team to bounce back from setbacks, overcome challenges and persevere through difficult circumstances.

“My brother has always been a sports enthusiast, but his passion for basketball is unparalleled,” brother and coach Jayare Calura said. “He’s played as a shooting guard and point guard, but he truly excels as a point guard because of his speed and proficiency in driving and short-range shots.”

On Jan 24, Calura turned 23 and led his team to victory against the Niagara Knights.

“We secured a victory against Niagara, and it was a great game,” Harpreet Gill said after the game. “Tomorrow, we’ll celebrate Calura’s birthday and our important win.”

As Cale Calura looks ahead to the next chapter of his athletic career, he finds himself propelled by a dual sense of anticipation and determination. While the thrill of competition on the basketball court continues to drive him forward, Calura’s focus is equally fixed on his ongoing pursuit of excellence in his studies at Mohawk College. As he prepares to embark on the next phase of his journey, Calura remains acutely aware of the tremendous opportunities that await him.


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