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Ancaster welcomes its 173rd Fall Fair

Fair visitor Erin Tennant near some of the food vendors. Poutine, kettle corn, cheese cake on a stick some of the options at the fair.

The 173rd Ancaster Fair is this weekend, a four-day event at the Ancaster Fairgrounds on 630 Trinity Rd. S.

The fair is family-friendly and has something for everyone, from musical entertainment to carnival games and rides to agricultural shows to competitions and a demolition derby. 

“It’s [my favourite part of the fair,] the derby, the derby has been, more or less, the best part,” Landon Milovanovic said.

One of the rides at the fair is the Himalaya, a thrill ride that spins in a circle with lights, strobe lights and music.

The fair has a wide range of competitions to enter or to watch. Friday there is a pie eating contest that runs on Saturday and on Sunday as well. On Saturday there is also a baby show competition and a hot sauce competition.

A large selection of vendors is on hand, selling various items like homemade candles, homemade crochet dolls, t-shirts and more, most from small locally-owned businesses.  

The fair has been running since 1850 and has become a family tradition for some visitors.

“My first time [at the fair] was in 1993 or 1994 … I’ve come back every year since I was born, pretty much,” Milovanovic said.

The Ancaster Fair has many food options from kettle corn, to poutine, to blooming onions or cotton candy.

“I’ll be honest, I come for the food,” Erin Tennet said. “I love my funnel cake, my cheesecake on a stick, and my blooming onion and pretty much any food I can get my hands on that is deep fried.”

With each year that passes, more and more vendors and attractions join the fair. 

“It’s definitely gotten bigger, more people come out to the outdoor events…it’s really evolved into a much bigger thing,” carnival worker Tasha Findley said.

A fun house welcomes visitors to the fair’s carnival section.

The fair is open Friday and Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and Sunday, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 

Tickets can be purchased online on Ticketscene or at the gate.