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Mohawk College’s Makerspace Workshop gives students a chance to create

Mohawk College students have a chance to show off their creativity as the Makerspace workshop opens for the fall semester in room E029.

Students can create 3D models, use the workshop, and even make life-size cut-outs.  Noah Giunta is running the space and giving students a chance to use their imagination and learn new skills.

 “Our whole goal here is hands-on experiential learning for students. Over the last while everything was virtual and online which is very boring,” Giunta explained. “There was no making things and designing or physically touching things. This space has become a hub for creative arts and creative individuals and is open for all students.”

The Makerspace welcomes all Mohawk College students to E029.

The space will be open for an hour every Wednesday from 12 – 1 p.m. for a make and take event where students are able to create items and take them home.

Advertising students Kaitlynn Gasparihno and Maggie Matian say they enjoy using Makerspace and say it has opened opportunities for them in the creative world. Gasparihno and Matian won an award in New York City when they entered a competition with a piece they created in the workshop with the help of Giunta.

Students can use 3D technology to create various artifacts.

“We feel really lucky that Noah was so receptive to our idea and helped us problem solve on how we were going to execute it because we had ideas and he sat us down and explained,” Matian explained. “Having our own tangible items that we built ourselves helped us win gold. Making us the only gold-winning students in that category.”

Mohawk College Advertising students won an award in New York City for their 3D designs.

 The workshop can be used to create school projects free of charge and all Mohawk College students are welcome. More information on the Makerspace is available at


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