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The Geet Collective: A Mohawk College student’s dream come true

Starting a business after gaining your diploma and finishing school can seem like a daunting task. This was not the case for Geet Chahil, who proves that it’s indeed possible.

The Geet Collective is a freelance company that offers videography and photography services.

Chahil is a Mohawk College graduate who, after completing a three-year Broadcasting Television and Communications Media program, has found success in building his own company from the ground up.

Chahil has many people to thank for his newfound success, but says it all stems from what he learned at Mohawk when he started back in 2019.

“I think Mohawk really helped me with many things, shifting my mindset and skillset to a professional level,” Chahil said. “Connecting with industry professionals and classmates that are looking to jump headfirst in the media world. I believe Mohawk opened my eyes to the possibility of this becoming a profession for me.”

Members of the Geet Collective Geet Chahil (centre) and Roni Grace Fabian (right).

Chahil’s company started off as Geet Chahil Productions, offering freelance videography and photography services. All these skills came directly out of the program, where he learned to shoot video and use programs such as Adobe Creative Cloud and Avid Media Composer.

Today, Chahil operates under the Geet Collective, with a team of five freelancers. The Geet Collective still aims to be known for video and photo services but is open to provide other services like graphic design and marketing.

Starting a business straight out of college was a challenge, but Chahil’s determination throughout his college years put him where he is now. Roni Grace Fabian, a colleague of Chahil, explained what it’s like working in this unique environment.

“As someone who loves to work creatively, I have been learning how I could develop the skills I have when it comes to creating and producing stories with a passion,” Fabian said. “Freelancing was never something I have seen myself doing, but eventually I got the flow of what I need to do, as well as learn from Geet and other freelancers.”

The Geet Collective is able to give new graduates an opportunity to get work in their field immediately after graduation and shows college students that starting a business and career is possible, no matter how much self-doubt they may have.


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