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‘Patience:’ A guide to thrifting around Mohawk College

It has become increasingly common to find apps, groups on social media, stores and fairs dedicated to the sale of second-hand clothing.

For some people, used clothes are old-fashioned, but for others “thrifting,” shopping for used items at discounted prices, helps ease some of the financial burdens that come along with shopping for winter clothes.

“I came from Ecuador and there we don’t have snow, our winters are rainy and a little cold but never snow,” Natalie Barba, a Mohawk College student, said. “I arrived in September and the first thing I looked to buy was a winter jacket. So I went to Walmart at Upper James and Mountain Warehouse at Limeridge mall, but for what a new jacket would cost me at those places, I was able to buy boots, gloves, and a jacket at the second-hand place.”

According to Patricia Sanchez, Value Village is one of the preferred places for second-hand shoppers in Hamilton.

“My grandson and my daughter came to visit me from Guatemala, and they didn’t bring proper winter clothing,” Sanchez said. “Two months ago, I came to get two t-shirts and I found a Guess bag which cost me $17 and my neighbour (who immediately fell in love with the bag when she saw it) bought it from me for $120.”

Around 108,050 people arrived in Canada during summer and 21 per cent were from tropical countries where they don’t experience winters with snow, according to

There are roughly 59 thrift store locations in Hamilton. At some, shoppers can register their contact information in order to get extra discounts.

“Coming to a second-hand store is about … patience, where you have to walk around you find what you need,” Sanchez said.


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