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Mohawk Content Creators Club brings creativity to life

It’s never been easier to create and share online content with people around the world. New social media apps such as TikTok are making it even easier, but increasing views, subscribers and followers can be a challenge. For content creators, the Mohawk Content Creators Club might be worth checking out. It offers members valuable lessons and vital advice to help boost their content-creating careers. 

The club was formed by twins Alexandra and Ava Farrugia. The twins run a successful Twitter page with 623,000 followers. Their page, “RTC,” delivers daily news about the game Roblox.

Alexandra also runs a YouTube account called “TanookiAlex” with over 14,000 subscribers, and a Spotify page called, “I suck at music lol,” which contains various popular TikTok parodies. But when she looked around the campus, she didn’t see a like-minded community.

“There were no clubs that focused on content creation,” Alexandra said. I thought that was a shame. It inspired me to start my own club, and help people with their own content.”

The Content Creators Club offers workshops for different social media platforms including YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, and other smaller platforms. Most workshops include PowerPoint presentations that go over different ways to keep the audience engaged, as well as how to make content more discoverable. 

“My responsibilities include managing the club and releasing marketing materials,” co-founder Ava Farrugia explained. “I design the PowerPoint sessions that we use to teach new creators, as well as research for upcoming PowerPoint sessions. I am also involved with the planning of in-person meetings and special events for our club for holidays.”

Workshops are scheduled three weeks in advance, and are either in person in the F-wing or over a virtual call, giving members who live far away from campus an opportunity to hone their content creation skills. Occasionally, the club throws parties that include games and pizza. 

The club offers an active Discord server, making communicating with members and keeping track of workshops a breeze. Text and voice channels serve different purposes.

New members are able to befriend other members using the icebreaker channel. Members can freely post their own content for feedback from other members. Members can also request help using the “help with stuff” text channel.

Whether it’s a burning question about the club, or perhaps a video that needs tweaking, the members enjoy helping each other out. The Discord server currently houses 41 members. It also includes bots that serve different purposes. Mohawk’s own mascot, Mo the Hawk, has been turned into a Discord bot that helps keep visitors engaged in the server by giving experience rewards. The more active someone is on the server, the more likely they are to get an experience reward.

People standing in the Arnie at Mohawk for the Clubs and Community Carnival.
The Content Creators Club was recruiting new members at the recent Club and Communities Carnival.

On Feb. 1, Mohawk held a Clubs and Communities Carnival in the Arnie, where college clubs got together to recruit new members. The Content Creators Club stood out with its bright whiteboard and eye-catching advertisements. The club signed up five new members, including Arnel Pepito.

“I just found this club today at the Arnie,” Pepito said. “I’m very excited to learn from this club!”

One of the biggest ways to make content more discoverable is to practice SEO, (Search Engine Optimization), a commonly-discussed practice in the club. Another important way to drive up viewers is to use proper tags and hashtags. It may seem straightforward, but it can be tricky finding the right words and tags, which is why the Content Creators Club gives lessons on both during its workshops.

“With more members joining the club, I’d like to make some expansions,” Alexandra said. “Not much has been thought of yet, but we plan on unveiling some cool ideas in the near future.”

A white board from the Clubs and Communities Carnival with a drawing of the Mohawk College mascot on it.
The club makes use of school mascot, Mo The Hawk. Mo can be spotted on ads for the club around the school, and as a bot in the club’s Discord server.

Joining the club is easy. Just send Alexandra an email to their school email expressing interest. They will send back a link to the club’s Discord server.

QR codes have also been placed around the school, which give quick and easy access to the Discord server.


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