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Mohawk College easing access

As the Ontario government starts its plan to reduce the number of COVID-19 restrictions, Mohawk College has made the decision to start making it easier to go on campus. Beginning March 21, the college will loosen the restrictions on campus access by opening more access points at all campuses.

Picture of an entry door into Mohawk College
The policy change will make it easier for students to access the campus.

“We anticipate being able to open more access points to the buildings at all campus locations,” said Paul Armstrong, chief operating officer of Mohawk College. “Mohawk will continue to review the policies based on advice and guidance from public health and the Ministry of College and Universities.”

Mohawk College had already removed the security checkpoints as of March 7 but the college’s entrances had been restricted to designated doors. After March 21, all the entrances will be open for students to use. Daily screening will not be enforced at the doors. Instead, students will be expected to do this on their own .

“We removed the security checkpoints to enter the college and our screening desks have now shifted to be mask distribution desks with a much more welcoming feel,” said Catherine O’Donnell, director of security services at Mohawk College.  “Persons entering the college without a medical-grade mask will be given one to wear while on the campus.”

Medical-grade masks and daily screening on the Mohawk Safety App will continue to be required after March 21.  Along with most colleges and universities in Ontario, Mohawk’s vaccine policy will remain in effect until the end of April.

“Students and everyone entering the college need to be aware that the college vaccination policy is in full effect until at least April 30, 2022.” O’Donnell said.  “Failure to comply will result in sanctions under the Student Behaviour Policy.”

Picture of a young man with a medical mask on his face.
Medical-grade masks and daily screening on the Mohawk Safety App will continue after March 21 along with the vaccination requirement policy.

The campus will also be looking ahead to the summer with the opportunity to bring back more students for in-person learning beginning in May. Most programs will have some in-person requirements while a few courses will remain online. More in-person services and supports should become available during the summer semester.

“the current vaccination policy remains in place until at least the end of the Winter 2022 semester,” Armstrong said, “and any changes to the policy beyond the current semester will be communicated in the coming weeks.”


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