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McMaster Homecoming draws heavy police presence to Westdale

McMaster students took to the streets of Westdale to party for homecoming weekend on Oct. 1, drawing heavy police presence to the area. Students festively dressed in McMaster colours were scattered across Westdale, making their way to the street party happening on Dalewood Avenue.  

Police blocked Dalewood with city trucks and caution tape in an attempt to contain the street party to one area. The increased police presence follows major destruction during last year’s homecoming in which property was damaged, including the flipping of a car.  

McMaster students generally had positive things to say about their experience with police officers during the event.  

“They were really nice,” McMaster student Zoe Brown said. “They said ‘We just want you guys in one area, no car flipping.’ They were like ‘Be safe.’” 

Other students said the number of police in the area was a bit much. 

“Last year was bad, but the police surveillance, cameras and everything. I don’t know, it’s a bit excessive,” McMaster student Brody Thompson said. 

As the day went on, the street party grew in size. Dalewood Avenue was a sea of maroon, as students decked out in their McMaster-themed spirit wear could be seen drinking and socializing with classmates. Many students were drinking out of large plastic cups or water bottles to avoid being fined for public drinking.

Student housing properties had their front lawns equipped with drinking games such as beer pong and a ring toss, with students lined up to participate. Police were keeping a watchful eye over the students, ready to hand out tickets to anyone breaking the law.  

Police on the scene declined to comment.  


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