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Mask mandates easing

It’s been nearly two years since people were rushing to grab toilet paper in the grocery store like their lives depended on it. Nearly two years since people had to lock themselves up so they wouldn’t catch the deadly virus. And the Ontario government has announced the end of most mask mandates as of March 21.

“I think it’s good they are lifting the mask mandate. We’ve been living with masks since 2020 and a lot of us are tired,” said Precious Solomon, a student at Mohawk College.

Even though some people are tired of going out and wearing masks, some people think it’s too early for the government to be removing the mask mandate.

“Schools should continue online because it’s too soon to drop the mask mandate,” said Mohawk College student Atofarati Adebowale.

bunch of masks
It’s up to the people if they want to wear their masks or not.

Solomon disagrees. She believes a mix of both online learning and in-person should be good for students.

“Virtual classes or a mix of both,” she said. “Let’s face it. We survived virtual classes and it wasn’t bad. If anything, it was flexible for students.”

On March 7, Mohawk College stopped checking students’ vaccination proof before they came on campus. But some students are concerned. Without proof of vaccination or exemptions, unvaccinated people have access to campus, potentially putting students’ lives at risk.

“It’s for everyone’s good to take the vaccine but I understand if it’s for health reasons or religious beliefs that some people can’t take it, but that should be a very small number,” Solomon said.

But even though Solomon is looking forward to in-person classes, she still thinks there is a place for caution.

“I think courses that don’t require in-person labs or practicals can still be online,” she said



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