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Lights, cameras, action!

The 18th annual Hamilton Film Festival celebrated local filmmakers on Oct. 26.  

Eight different films were screened, showcasing the talents of people from Hamilton.  

Executive director Nathan Fleet said that although films come from 50 different countries, he always pays homage to local filmmakers.  

“Back into the early days we were able to bring a lot of these independent movies here to the city,” Fleet said. “In some small way, we play a part in building and growing a little bit of the film industry here.” 

The jury receives more than 600 movies and they watch them all to select which ones are played at the festival.  

This year, there were more than 20 filmmakers who were either from Hamilton or shot their films in Hamilton. 

“I think what I love most is coming together as a group to make something creatively,” actor Chirstina Notto said. “When you get to see the finished product it’s kind of a treat at the end of it.” 

Mohawk College student Olivia Ellis directed two of the films being screened in the evening. She said her favorite part was seeing everyone watch her film. 

“I have put so much hard work into it,” Ellis said. “My whole cast and crew are in the audience watching. I have lots of friends and family coming to support tonight, it’s nice knowing they are going to be here and that I can share that moment with them.” 

At the end of the night there was a panel discussion where actors could talk about the process of the film and answer questions from the audience.  


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