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Kaitlyn Pitek: Tireless service in supporting the Mountaineer community

Kaitlyn Pitek is a vibrant individual with a dedication to sports, nature, and globetrotting adventures. Pitek assumed the role of supervisor for high performance and community engagement at Mohawk College about a year and a half ago.

Embarking on her academic journey at University of Guelph-Humber, Pitek studied physiology while playing on the varsity softball team. Upon graduation, she worked at the college for seven years before embarking on a new chapter at Mohawk College.

“Those were formative years that I cherished deeply because they allowed me to immerse myself in what I truly loved – athletics,” Pitek said. “I believe that every stage of my journey at Humber contributed to laying a solid foundation for my transition to Mohawk College.”

In addition to her professional efforts, Pitek recently completed her master’s degree in Management Science from the University of Waterloo.

“Kaitlyn is someone who genuinely adores sports, and it’s evident in her approach to work,” Mohawk College director of athletics and recreation Matthew Ferreira said. “She arrives with enthusiasm and a genuine desire to assist the athletes, showcasing her passion and dedication to her job.

“Her presence is invaluable to our team, given the positive changes she has spearheaded and the remarkable progress the athletes have achieved under her guidance.”

Pitek is a CrossFit Level 1 coach and a strength coach for Mohawk’s varsity athletes. In her spare time, she immerses herself in CrossFit competitions and training sessions, embracing the challenges of physical fitness.

“Kaitlyn is phenomenal because she provides valuable insights, knowledge, and backgrounds in everything we do,” volleyballer Alex Jurak said. “Kaitlyn brings out the best in us across various sports, including basketball and soccer, during offseason training sessions.”

As the primary scheduler for Mohawk’s nine varsity teams, Pitek shoulders the responsibility of coordinating team training sessions, travel arrangements, and practice schedules.

“Kaitlyn brings the perspective of a former high-performance athlete to her role,” Ferreira said. “She is able to build rapport with student athletes as she models the culture of our department with intelligence in serving our Mountaineer community.”

One of Pitek’s most significant initiatives has been the development and implementation of a comprehensive training program for Mohawk’s varsity athletes.

“Her use of the Team Builder app for our team workouts is a clutch tool that enhances our performance, so there’s a direct correlation between fitness and performance, which she emphasizes consistently,” Jurak said.

“Her work has had a profoundly positive impact on us because she meticulously plans workouts, organizes them throughout the day, and uploads them to our phones for easy access,” Jurak added. “She’s incredibly present, not just for my team, but for all the others as well.”

Beyond her professional achievements, Pitek’s love for animals and commitment to community shines through in her daily life. Her two dogs, Remi, and Willie Bear, hold a special place in her heart.

Pitek spends time with her dogs Remi and Willie Bear after a workout.


“I adore my dogs, they’ve been constant companions throughout my life. They accompany me everywhere, and even when I travel, I take them along, so they don’t feel alone, and I don’t feel lonely myself,” Pitek shared. “Recently, I had to embark on a trip without them, something I had never done before, and it truly pained my soul.”

In every aspect of her life, Kaitlyn Pitek exudes passion, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Whether she’s empowering athletes to reach their full potential or fostering a culture of efficiency and innovation in the workplace, her impact is felt at Mohawk College.


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