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International students get ready for their first winter

As winter approaches, hundreds of international students will experience freezing temperatures for the first time. Many students come from tropical, or at least warmer countries, and need to buy Canada-appropriate clothes to face the winter.

“If I could give a piece of advice for new students from my own experience, it is that if your country does not have Canadian temperatures, never believe that your winter clothes from your country will be enough, because they won’t,” Nipuni Manage from Sri Lanka said.

For students short on money, it is always important to watch for sales for the chance of getting quality clothes for a lower price. Thrift stores are another option, because shoppers can find nice second-hand winter clothes for a lot less money.

You can find high quality winter clothes in thrift stores.

Plato’s Closet is very strict in its selection. All clothes received go through an evaluation process, and only pieces in perfect condition are accepted and offered for sale, to ensure the quality of the products sold. Instead of accepting donations, the store buys items, refusing those that are not approved. The store notifies members about possible promotions and when it receives large quantities of a specific type of clothing such as winter clothes.

Stores like the Salvation Army and Value Village accept donations of any type and often feature winter wear at cut-rate prices, particularly out of season.

winter boots
Don’t forget your feet. A good pair of warm winter boots is essential.

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