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Improve your health and fitness by knowing your numbers

November is here and the Mohawk Students’ Association (MSA) has a lot of activities for  students. Some activities are happening for one day, and some are occurring throughout the month.

One of the activities was the Movember: Know Your Numbers Clinic. The booth was set up in the David Braley Athletics and Recreation Centre (DBARC) building at the Fennell campus.

Know Your Number is for students who want to test their body fat percentage.

Alex Macdonell was behind the booth and explained what Movember: Know Your Number is all about.

“Know Your Number is for students who want to come up and test their body fat percentage,” Macdonell said. “It also helps to know if they are athletic or standard and if the numbers are below or above what they expect their goal to be.”

Macdonell explained the importance of knowing these numbers.

“Knowing your number can give you a sense of where you are and if you want to start losing weight or gaining weight,” Macdonell said. “It also gives you more knowledge about your health and it can guide you with your decisions for your future. It gives you a great sense of your overall health.”

In addition to Movember: Know your Number, the MSA also showed up in the Arnie for a quick Pin a Poppy activity, allowing students to make paper flowers. Pin a Poppy is connected to Remembrance Day which will take place in the Arnie on Friday, Nov.11 starting at 10:45 a.m.

Students engaged in Pin a Poppy for Remembrance Day in the Arnie.

Montana Hunter, an event coordinator for the MSA, was behind the table and answering questions.

Hunter explained what Pin a Poppy is about.

“We are just making poppies so that people can pin them on the ring we are creating to display at Remembrance Day which is happening this Friday, or they can also take it home with them or wear them to show respect for people we have lost,” Hunter said. “Students can participate if they want to show respect on Remembrance Day. It’s also a nice, engaging activity.”



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