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Hanes Corn Maze and its wonders

As the fall season begins, many families find their way to the Hanes Corn Maze to complete their annual seasonal traditions. The farm has been around for 23 years and each year the owners plan something different for the customers.

Hanes Corn Maze offers different activities including a children’s playground, an escape room, corn blasters, a maze that takes over an hour to complete, a pumpkin patch and much more.

Some visitors look forward to visiting the farm every year to celebrate their special day with families and friends.

“I have been coming to Hanes Corn Maze ever since I was a child, my birthday is in November, so we used to come here for my birthday parties every year now we get to bring my nephew so it’s great,” Dundas resident Dara Woudstra said.

A horse looking over the fence
Dusty is a rescue horse and the only horse on the farm.

Not only can visitors participate in the maze, but they can also see and feed the animals.

“We like feeding the goats and there are also brand-new baby animals every year, they take really good care of them, so we love it here,” Woudstra said.

Hanes Corn Maze worker Nobel McCain explains why people keep coming back every year.

“It’s a nice experience because we change up the maze every year, give them new ideas, come up with new ideas for farmland, new family-friendly activities and do a little brainstorm before the season starts,” McCain said.

Hanes Corn Maze always welcomes a high number of families on the weekend but fewer people on the weekdays.

The farm also has a bakery where they sell pies, cookies, tarts and much more. Online order is also an option by going to their website.


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