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Apple or Android: Which type of phone do Mohawk College students prefer?

Apple and Android have been battling each other for over a decade, and their long war is far from over.

Most smartphone users have their preferences for which type of device they would rather use. Both Apple and Android offer unique features which may make one side look more appealing than the other, but do either offer certain advantages that could help students with their school work? 

“You can’t go wrong with either,” smartphone expert Eric Sheridan said. “iPhones do have some unique features, such as AirDrop, which makes sharing photos between other iOS devices easier. iMessage and FaceTime can also simplify communication in the Apple ecosystem. If you own an iPhone and a Macbook, it’s easier to share files from both devices. You can copy the text on your phone and paste it onto your MacBook. You can even take pictures from your phone and it will automatically sync to the MacBook.”

A MacBook and an iPhone sitting on a desk
An iPhone paired with a MacBook can offer some cool extra features to potentially make some schooling tasks easier, but they are both expensive devices. (Credit: PIXABAY)

Apple does offer unique features students could take advantage of, but Apple products are known for being on the pricier side. Not every student can drop thousands on a shiny, brand-new iPhone. Buying a used iPhone, or an older model can lower the price significantly. But Android phones can be cheaper still. 

“I just think Android is better overall,” Mohawk College student Andrew Banasik said. “It’s cheaper, you can get more powerful hardware, it’s open source, more customizable, and you can do all sorts of cool things you can’t do with an iPhone. You can install different firmware made by other people, and you can install apps that aren’t on the Google Play Store. There are tons [of things] you could do with your Android device.”

Android offers a wide range of different phones. There are cheap phones that are great for durability, mid-range smartphones that offer many high-end features at a more affordable price and of course the flagship devices that are pricier, but offer better cameras and performance.

“I’ve had both, but I do prefer iPhones,” Mohawk College student Nathaniel Marcus said. “To me, iPhones feel more responsive, and I use iMessage and FaceTime frequently to talk to my friends.”

Person holding an Android phone with a laptop in the background
There are many different Android devices to choose from. Some are more budget oriented, while flagship devices include great cameras, speedy performance and other cool features. (Credits: PIXABAY)

It honestly doesn’t matter which type of smartphone you choose. Neither offers significant advantages to help students with schooling. iPhones do have some exclusive features worth highlighting, but it’s hard to justify those features for the higher price. If you own a MacBook, have friends or classmates who use iMessage and FaceTime, and want a straightforward snappy smartphone experience, the iPhone is recommended. If you’re looking for better prices, more customization, and a wider range of phones to choose from, an Android phone is recommended. Regardless of the device chosen, they’ll do just fine for school.


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