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Andiamo; Barber shop, coffee shop or live venue? All the above

Andiamo is a unique barbershop, coffee shop, bar and live venue worth a visit. It is located in Hamilton, a city known for its rich culture and places to go out and have a good time with friends. From hidden arcades decorated with neon lights to restaurants with quirky cuisine, the entertainment scene in the Steel City is coming back to life after two years fo Covid restrictions.

“We designed the space to be bright, vibrant and welcoming,” says Andiamo on Instagram. “Andiamo is not a commonly designed place like other barbershops. Thinking outside of the traditional barbershop to make the space enjoyable for anyone and everyone.”

The barbershop is Andiamo’s primary focus, but customers have the option of having a high-quality coffee, brewed on-site. This place aims to preserve the Italian tradition, so the coffee shop also offers several options of Italian pastries and cakes.

When night falls, the barbershop goes from cutting hair and serving espresso to hosting live music. The coffee is put aside in favour of tasty local craft beers.

“Many of us who work here have some relationship with music,” said bartender and musician Max Foster. “Many of us play instruments as a hobby, but some of us are really into music. For example, I work here, but I have my side project with my jazz band, just like other employees here.”

The Andiamo staff avoids labelling the venue with a specific function. They see it as a place where they can carry out various activities that they enjoy and make money doing it.

“We’re paying rent, and we want to take advantage of the place,” said Foster. “We don’t want to get caught up in being a barbershop. We want to show that as well as cutting people’s hair, we can also do jazz nights or art exhibits.”

Working at what they enjoy and having a good time while earning a living has a direct impact on their relationship with customers.

Customer Sebastian Pena reading a book
Customer Sebastian Pena relaxes while waiting for his appointment with the barber. 

“I’ve been to few places where I’ve had as good a time as I’ve had here,” said customer Sebastian Pena. “The staff is incredible, and you feel that good energy. I also love that I can have a good coffee or a good beer while waiting for my appointment. There are very few places like this”

Andiamo will continue to welcome customers at 102 George St., in the heart of Hess Village. For more information regarding reservations and events, visit



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